We are a leading third-party ship management company with a diversified fleet of tanker, gas and dry vessels as well as offshore support vessels.

STM emphasizes on ship management excellence and has the goal to keep its managed fleet on hire. The focus is optimising the employment of the vessels within parameters of safety, security and sustainability.

The combined experience of STM's staff means that it can provide immediate solutions to its customers to ensure a safe journey. The team consists of former masters and commercial people with vast experience of working in major shipping centres with top-ranked Owners, Charterers, Brokers, Commercial and Technical Managers, Forwarders and Agents.

Track record

We have a very large proven track record. With more than 100 ships under management since inception ranging from small tankers to large tankers, containers, gas (LPG & LNG) and dry units for no less than 25 different Owners and disponent Owners, we have safely carried billion tons of wet, dry bulk and thousands of containers. We have safely executed more than 20’000 voyages safely, dealt with more than 10’000 demurrage files, done more than 35’000 port calls, more than 10’000 bunker operations with all major suppliers.

We trade all over the world and have the ability to operate in in the most difficult areas including ice areas.

STM does not operate vessels for its own account and does not own any vessels. There is consequently no conflict of interest when managing third party vessels.

Our values


We have the best teams working in a spirit of boundless integrity and respect for each other. Our work is done exclusively within the highest standards of professional conduct.


We see the need to convert to more sustainable energy sources and see the need of the transition to other energy sources. This applies to what we transport. As a group we are already strongly committed through our sustainable product lines transportation and green tank terminals.

Responsibility & safety

Our teams made up of former captains are available 24/7 to ensure total safety in transport.


We want to be creative in order to be as responsive as possible to our clients' needs. We bring our knowledge and software to our clients while ensuring a high standard of service.